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Writing Guide Production Working Group

  • Activity Aims

The purpose of this Working Group is to provide guidebooks and sample documents to create technical documents, such as product documentation.

  • Expected Outcomes

– Translate into Japanese materials regarding topic-based authoring (August 2009)
– Japanese DITA source files based on the DITA 1.1 Architecture Specification (August 2009)
– A writing guide (March 2010)
– A guidebook of DITA-related tools (October 2009)

  • Planned Activities in this Fiscal Year

– Hold monthly meetings
– Research and create a writing guide; this activity will be performed by each respective member outside of meeting times
– Hold study groups to improve skills as required

  • Staff

Naoki Hirai

Akane Hirabayashi (Maruboshi Co., Ltd.)
Masai Sawamura (SDL Japan K.K.)