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DITA Promotion and Marketing Working Group

  • Activity Aims

To promote DITA, it is important to offer propositions not only from a technical aspect, but also from the aspects of business processes and organization. There has been no use case worldwide in which DITA was adopted by insisting only on its technological aspects. It is essential to also show the changes that DITA will bring.
This Working Group collects information that is used as the basis for promoting DITA inside and outside of Japan. The information that is published is useful and includes publishing for translation as well as outside information.

This Working Group also investigates actual conditions in which DITA is used from analytical methods such as questionnaires and hearings. These results are analyzed objectively so that any trends in DITA adoption can be recognized, which is useful information that can be used when offering propositions for DITA promotion and implementation.

  • Main Results Obtained Up to This Date

– Introduction of use cases where DITA was used
– Translation and publication of DITA-related books
– Publication and operation of a DITA Player website
– Survey by questionnaire to DITA users as well as analysis and discussion of the results

  • Planned Activities in the Fiscal Year 2013

– Continuously promote the DITA Player website and screen information concerning non-member corporations on the website
– Conduct a survey of DITA using a questionnaire and analyze and discuss the results
– Perform continuous research of information that helps to promote DITA and to execute DITA-related projects as well as lay out plans for publishing them
– Plan publication of information assets obtained from the results of other Consortium activities

  • Staff

Kumiko Fujieda (IBM Japan, Ltd.)

Yoko Hase (IBM Japan, Ltd.)