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Technical Information Collection and Provision Working Group

  • Activity Aims

Although the word “DITA” itself is becoming known in Japan, its actual specifications are not so well known or precisely understood.
One reason is that “DITA” is perceived to be complicated, and available information in Japanese has been relatively scarce up to now.
The purpose of this Working Group is to translate into Japanese information from outside of Japan, such as OASIS documentation, and publish it.
A glossary to unify terms for translation into Japanese is also scheduled to be created.

  • Expected Outcomes

– A glossary (DITA A to Z)
– A Japanese version of the DITA 1.2 Architectural Specification

  • Planned Activities in this Fiscal Year

– Create a glossary (DITA A to Z)

Aims: Create a glossary for the Japanese language to avoid confusion due to terms that are not unified.
Activities: Research Japanese materials that have already been published, find terms and unify their use,
and report them to the Consortium.

– Translating technical information

Aims: Translate and publish useful technical information for DITA users in Japan.
Activities: Translate and publish a draft of the DITA 1.2 Language Specification in this fiscal year.
  • Staff

Motonobu Hirose (PTC Japan)

Shinya Fujioka (Digital Communications Co., Ltd.)